How did we get started?? Eh!

How did we get started?? Eh!

How Did Type Eh Get Started?


It's often said that passion fuels the engine of innovation, and for Steven Maxted, this certainly rings true. His deep-seated love for cycling and a desire to transform this passion into a successful venture led to the birth of Type Eh – a dynamic brand that started as a bike rental company.

The Genesis of Type Eh

Deep in the heart of Winnipeg, MB, Steven Maxted, a passionate cyclist, found his calling. He entertained a dream: launching his own bike company – but not just any mundane kind. The vision was to intertwine his love for biking with the business acumen he had nurtured over the years. This ultimately led to the inception of Type Eh, a bike rental establishment that soon morphed into much more than that.

Type Eh: Not Just a Bike Company

It wasn't long before Type Eh underwent a transformation—Steven Maxted had a broader vision. The concept of just renting bikes quickly evolved and the company soon began to establish its identity as a trendy and innovative brand. But what catalyzed this metamorphosis and how did Type Eh become more than just a bike company?
Steven, a keen observer of trends and markets, recognized an opportunity within the biking community. Capitalizing on the growing trend of merchandising in the sector, he diversified. The foray into branding was not merely for commercial gains; instead, it was imbued with a much deeper purpose.

The Brand with a Cause

Steven Maxted didn't want his business to just be successful – he wanted it to make a difference. He envisioned using the brand merchandise as a platform for promoting and supporting a cause close to his heart. Today, that aspiration is embedded in the ethos of Type Eh.
The ethos of the brand, deeply rooted in community spirit and philanthropy, resonates deeply with its customer base and beyond. By intertwining business endeavors with impactful causes, Type Eh breathes new life into the idea of 'entrepreneurship with a heart.'


In conclusion, how did Type Eh get started? It began with a dream fueled by passion and ambition. Then, with innovative thinking, the application of brand power, and a commitment to social impact, Type Eh evolved from being a bicycle rental company to a dynamic brand. This is the story of how Steven Maxted turned his vision into a reality and, in doing so, created a brand that is as unique as the man behind it.

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