"Having Fun Growing the Type eh Brand, A Canadian Cause Driven Initiative"

"Having Fun Growing the Type eh Brand, A Canadian Cause Driven Initiative"

Type eh Brand, Uniquely Canadian

Born out of love for all things punny and uniquely Canadian, Type eh is all about celebrating the lighter side of life. Infused with fun and a generous dash of native humour, the brand is an authentic representation of the Canadian spirit. Every product sold channels a part of that spirit while also supporting a cause close to all Canadian hearts.

Fun Meets Functionality: Why the 10% Give Back?

Making a stand while having fun is the mantra we at the Type eh brand live by. But why do we give back 10% of our profits to Canadian Blood Services (CBS)? Is it merely a sales gimmick? No, quite the contrary.

Because Every Life is Worth Saving

At Type eh, we believe in the power of community. The reason we pledge 10% of our profits to CBS is grounded in a real, urgent cause: saving lives. We recognize that at the end of the day, if someone needs help in a precarious situation, CBS is a lifesaver. And as Canadians, it's our duty and privilege to support this cause.

Growing Type eh: The Journey So Far

Since inception, growing the Type eh brand has been a joyous ride. With each product sold, there's a sense of satisfaction knowing we're helping a crucial service. As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats." Growing our brand has been about raising awareness, having fun and playing our part in boosting the Canadian community morale.

Type eh: A Symbol of Trust and Authority

Ensuring trust and authenticity is paramount to us. We are genuinely passionate about building a brand that stands for more than just profitability. Time and again, our customers express their confidence in the value we provide, not just through top-notch products but also through our contribution to CBS.
In conclusion, Type eh Brand isn't just about creating punny, fun products for Canadians. It's about building a community that stands together to support a significant cause - the life-saving service CBS provides. This is what makes growing our brand an exciting, rewarding, and immensely enjoyable journey. As we continue to uplift the Canadian spirit one product at a time, we can't wait to see where this journey takes us next. Can Canadians count on you to join us in this mission?

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